Cavy Studs               

Fort York Cavies:(Formerly CozyCavies): Ontario Canada Raising Exclusively Peruvians specializing in the Himi and Black Variety, Brokens occasionally
Andies Americans: MI US (Americans, Texels, Satin SIlkies)
Allegra Cavies   (Dutch Americans )
Island Cavies : Ontario Canada,  Peruvians, Satin Per & Teddies, Focusing on the agouti teddy
In Clover Stud: Michigan US Specializing on the Roan and Self SIlkie, Teddies in dalmation
Cameo Cavies: Murrayville, Ga US (Peruvians)
Pine Lakes Caviary  CA( Dalmatians  and white cresteds, Cavy Art).

    Cavy Clubs & Organizations

American Rabbit Breeders Association
American Cavy Breeders Association
Evans Software Services
Ontario Cavy Club
Michigan Cavy Breeders Associ.

    International Cavy  Sites        

Renaissance Cavies
aPeter Gurney's Page


Holistic and Nutritional Sites for Cavies

Galens Garden 
This is a wonderful site chock full of holistic information.  She has many holistic products available for purchase.
Alt-Nature Herbs
  Have a question about herbs and their many uses?  This is the site to check out.  There is a wealth of information here.
Colloidial Silver
  Find out about an amazing health supplement you can make at home for pennies.  It can be used as a natural antibiotic for many maladies.  I use it all the time!
OxBow Hay Company  
I use this hay exclusively in my caviary.  A very fine product indeed